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Exploring Grief in Transition

New Workshop with Transmission Ministry Collective

There's still time to sign up for our new workshop Exploring Grief in Transition, hosted by Transmission Ministry Collective. Information about the workshop and registration links are below.

The journey toward gender transition is a beautiful expression of identity. The process of transformation can also result in the need to grieve. Join us (Nia and Katie) as we examine grief and hope inside of transition for both transgender individuals and their supporting partners. During the workshop, we will explore grief and introduce strategies to build resilience. We will also lead specific talk times for transgender individuals as well as supporting partners in order to create a safe space for holding grief together. Please join us as we move together through the tender reality of grief, invite hope, and celebrate love.

This is a 90 minute workshop with lecture and participation sections. The workshop is open to everyone, and will be recorded (with the exception of the break-out groups, which will not be recorded so as to preserve privacy).

Register now at Transmission Ministry Collective.

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