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No-cost mentoring for Individuals and Allies


Love in the Face offers no-cost mentoring to transgender individuals in every stage of self-discovery. We also are committed to ensuring transgender individuals have incredible allies by providing no-cost mentoring for romantic partners, family members, and friends. It is our hope that every transgender person would feel loved, cared for and secure in their homes and communities. 

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Name and Gender Marker Change Coaching with Nia

Iowa Residents Only


Navigating the legal paperwork involved in transition can be an overwhelming task. Nia provides a no-cost step by step coaching process that empowers you to complete your legal name and gender marker change. Due to vast differences in state laws, this service is only available to Iowa residents.

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Consulting for Workplaces and Faith Communities


Successful transitions happen when leadership has an inclusion plan and listens to transgender individuals, easing their transition inside of their organization. Love in the Face can help faith communities as well as workplaces learn to listen well, support, and care for transgender individuals as they transition and live more fully into their true selves. 

Group Lecture

Empathetic Messages for All People


There are so many issues facing the transgender community right now and these issues touch all of us. We firmly believe that our freedom is dependent on one another. This means we are dedicated to the health, well-being and care of transgender individuals as well as the people who make up our communities. We believe the best way to break down barriers is to tell a story and we LOVE to tell ours. 

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Customized Name Change, Coming-Out, Release, Marriage, and Altar-in-the-World Ceremonies.


Each moment in a person's journey is important. Celebration, commemoration, and grief are all a part of life and worthy of our time and attention. We value the need for people to honor their moments as they see fit. It is our joy to provide support, guidance, and space to usher out what no longer serves and welcome with open arms the life that is waiting for you.

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