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Embracing Queer Family, The Podcast, Episode 2!

Check out Episode 2 of our new Podcast, Love in the Face: Embracing Queer Family!

In this conversation, we sat down with Austen Hartke (author of Transforming: The Bible and the Lives of Transgender Christians) and his partner Ari Udel to disucss the individual journey of coming out (more than once) and what it looks like to love each other well. We also learned what it's like to be a queer couple in a "straight facing" relationship and more signs that you might be queer including the "gay trifecta."

More information about Austen and his work can be found at and on YouTube. The new edition of Transforming can be found where books are sold. Transmission Ministry Collective can be found at Ari's writing can be found at

Love in the Face: Embracing Queer Family's theme song is Bianca Stratford by BB Bean (⁠⁠@bbbeaniebabe⁠⁠ on Instagram)

Find our new book, Embracing Queer Family: Learning to Live Authentically in our Families and Communities, whever books are sold, or at ⁠⁠Broadleaf Books⁠⁠, available for pre-order now.

Subscribe where ever you get your podcasts, and we hope you enjoy the conversation!

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