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We are partners and mothers committed to loving in the face of fear, shame, and hate.

Love in the Face is born out of the journey of Nia Chiaramonte to find her true self and live into her identity.

Nia is married to Katie Chiaramonte and together they have built a family that includes five children, a safe home, and a lot of laughter! 

Together, we are passionate about ensuring that each transgender individual has the safety and support they need to discover their true selves and live a full and free life. Love in the Face is a labor of love reflecting our own moments of heartbreak and triumph. The road to yourself is not always easy, and we realize the loving support of someone who has been there means the world.

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I have been a Human Resources professional for the last 18 years, focused on creating a culture of love, inclusivity, and "Employees First", understanding that





I am a mother, a doula,  writer and a spiritual mystic. I have spent many years in organized religion trying to fit in, and have found my way to an open space, through love.

individuals and teams must feel safe and secure before they can grow into a cohesive, powerful organization that makes a difference.


I spent the first 35 years of my life in hiding. Scared to be who I am. Scared of what it might cost me. While the cost has been high, the reward of being able to be free is worth it.


As an mother of 5, the Sr. Director of People for a start-up in Baltimore, Maryland, and avid fan of The Office, there is no shortage of humor in my life. I love to laugh at life, and sometimes it seems like it's a required skill as a transgender woman.

I would love to share my story with you and be there for you in your own journey, or assist your organization in creating a culture that is willing to Love in the Face.


I have a B.A. in Family Services and I am a sendee of The Living School where I studied contemplative spirituality and it's role in today's rapidly evolving world. I find Christ in all things and strive to learn from and welcome to all faith traditions. 


I believe in the beauty and richness of trans lives. I am blessed to be married to an amazing transgender woman who has shown me deep love which leads me to love others. Through my own struggles with anxiety and depression, Nia has been a steadfast source of support. Together we share a passion for helping others discover the love inside of themselves.

I would love to share with you in your journey as you seek to discover your true self and to become the best ally for your loved one.  


Our statement on Intersectionality

 We value diversity, inclusion, and affirmation. We believe that each person is worthy of time, attention and care. For too long, too many have been crushed by the weight of oppression. It is time for those voices to be heard. We stand against messages of hate or cruelty toward any person based on their gender identity and or expression, race, color, creed, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, or ability. We will seek to raise the voices of marginalized communities and commit to learn from each other.

Love in the Face is a specific outreach for the Transgender Community because of our specific life experiences. We also recognize that many in our community also intersect with other areas of marginalization. We recognize the particular struggle of Transgender Women of Color and honor the sacrifices many have made as they have gone before us.


Intersectionality is an important value to Love in the Face and Nia and Katie personally. We ask for you to join us in the ever-expanding work of understanding, love and inclusion. Please contact us with resources we need to see and help us in growing our own understanding of Intersectionality.

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