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Life is lived in relationship! Each person deserves a loving web of support dedicated to their well-being. For many transgender individuals, this kind of support can feel out of reach or even impossible. We are here to tell you, you are not alone!

Love in the Face offers one, no-cost mentoring to transgender individuals and family member's in every stage of self-discovery. Subsequent sessions are $25. We also are committed to ensuring transgender individuals have incredible allies by providing mentoring for romantic partners, family members, and friends. It is our hope that every transgender person would feel loved, cared for and secure in their homes and communities. 

We would love to join you on your journey and support you as you uncover more of yourself!




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Self-discovery happens at different rates for different people. As we know personally, it can be hard to find someone to talk to at every step. It can feel uncomfortable and sometimes unsafe to confide in someone before you are ready, as you work your way through your identity. 

Love in the Face can provide one on one mentoring for transgender individuals from the perspective of a transgender woman. Nia is available with empathetic, non-judgemental support as you need it. 

You shouldn't have to feel alone in the journey to yourself.

Mentoring is currently available via Zoom or via chat or email for those who would like to stay anonymous.

Some romantic partners enter their relationship knowing exactly who they are. For others, one or both partners may be on a journey of self-discovery that can rise to the surface, seemingly, out of nowhere. In these instances knowing where to turn and how to walk through your feelings in an important part of supporting your partner and also staying true to yourself.

As a married couple who have been together since their teens, Nia and Katie have seen each other through many stages of life, including Nia's coming-out journey. We know the challenges, struggles, beauty and deep connection that can come from truly understanding one another and meeting face to face, sometimes for the first time, again and again.

We would love to provide you with, safe, non-judgemental mentoring. Both as a couple and as individual partners if you so wish. 

Mentoring is currently available via Zoom or via chat or email for those who would like to stay anonymous.

The security of family and the support of friends is a vital part of a transgender individual's life. These relationships help provide safety and security as well as a solid foundation of self-worth and care. 

Reactions from family members and friends often vary widely from aggressively hostile to wildly affirming. Most transgender individuals will encounter a broad range of reactions from their community circle. This can cause stress and emotional weight that no transgender individual should have to carry on their own.

Nia and Katie have experienced, what it means to be a good ally. We would love to offer support for those seeking to provide love and care for the transgender individual(s) in their life. 

Mentoring is currently available via Zoom or via chat or email for those who would like to stay anonymous.

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