Empathetic and engaging content for large or small groups from partners who've been there.

There are so many issues facing the transgender community right now and these issues touch all of us. We firmly believe that our freedom is dependent on one another. This means we are dedicated to the health, well-being and care of transgender individuals as well as the people who make up our communities. We believe the best way to break down barriers is to tell a story and we LOVE to tell ours. 

We are available as partners or individually to speak about any number of subjects and can tailor our message to your specific group. Our focus is primarily on navigating personal relationships, workplace issues, and providing support for faith communities. We believe that when these core relationships and community centers are supportive and engaged with loving transgender individuals, we all become stronger together. 

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That's both of us!

Book Nia to tell her own personal story of self-discovery


Nia's emapthetic storytelling ability combined with engaging humor and wit bring to life the reality of what it means to truly find yourself. Nia's story is filled with faith and grounded in deep love. Her story resonates in hearts and minds allowing each hearer to dig deeper into their own story.

Book Nia to speak about workplace transitions

As an HR Director who orchestrated her own coming out, Nia has unique insight into what it takes to create a culture of inclusion in a workplace. From first steps to systemic change, Nia can help you create a safe and inclusive environment for all people. 

Book Katie to encourage romantic partners

Coming to terms with your own gender and sexuality after your romantic partner comes out can be overwhelming. Not to mention navigating emotions, children, extended family members and friends. It can feel as if your life has exploded! Let Katie assure you, it has! Your life may never be the same and Katie can help you see how that in itself, is a gift to be discovered and treasured. 

Katie's own story of choosing to be loved and loving in return is an insightful look into the heart of shifting marriage and the partner who changes too.

Book Nia and Katie to tell their story of a Lifetime of Love. 

Nia and Katie's love story begins in elementary school and spans three decades. From best friends to romantic partners, Nia and Katie have faced challenges and triumphs worthy of being told.

Nia and Katie's story is a unique and insightful look at what love can look like when we stop allowing others to define us and finally come home to ourselves. We would love to share it with you.

Book Nia and Katie for questions and answers

Support groups and panels are an excellent way for transgender individuals to feel seen and heard. Allow Nia and Katie to answer burning questions from your group. We can't wait to meet you!