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Embracing Queer Family, The Podcast, Episode 3, Learning Curiosity!

Check out Episode 3 of our new Podcast, Love in the Face: Embracing Queer Family!

In this conversation, we sat down with Tree and Cindy Meinch to discuss coming out as trans non-binary and how their family has changed and grown. They teach us the power of being open and how to learn to be curious.

More information about Tree and their work can be found at (hire them, they're an amazing writer!) and on ⁠LinkedIn⁠. You can also follow their personal journey ⁠@treemeinch⁠ on Instagram.

Referenced in the podcast is ALOK's Beyond the Gender Binary (

Love in the Face: Embracing Queer Family's theme song is Bianca Stratford by BB Bean (⁠⁠@bbbeaniebabe⁠⁠ on Instagram)

Find our new book, Embracing Queer Family: Learning to Live Authentically in our Families and Communities, whever books are sold, or at ⁠⁠Broadleaf Books⁠⁠, available for pre-order now.

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