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Check back often for news and events from Love in the Face. 

Information will include: public speaking dates, podcast appearances, class offerings, and events.

Out Now!

Check out Episode Eight of the Trans-Parency Podcast Show 

Episode Eight - Finding Nia with Nia and Katie Chiaramonte - Get to know an amazing couple and hear their story as they grow from elementary school friends and high school sweethearts and blossom into queer women. An inspiring and empowering story of friendship, love, transformation, and hope.

Check out The Trans-Parency Podcast Show and all their episodes here! It is a weekly podcast about life, transition, business, investment, and entertainment in the trans and non-binary community.


075 - Love in the Face: Queer, Deconstructed and Loving It

Episode 21 - Nia and Katie Chiaramonte: Love in the face of all things

E20 with guest Finding Nia

Love is Love

2021 Storytellers Event

Episode Eight, Finding Nia with Nia and Katie

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