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We Live Here: The Midwest


Documentary on Hulu

Out NOW!

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Book Release 


May 2024

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075 - Love in the Face: Queer, Deconstructed and Loving It

Episode 21 - Nia and Katie Chiaramonte: Love in the face of all things

E20 with guest Finding Nia

Love is Love

2021 Storytellers Event

Episode Eight, Finding Nia with Nia and Katie

Preview of We Live Here: The Midwest on Hulu

One LGBTQ+ couple’s move from the Midwest to Maryland: ‘Less people need to hide here’

Hulu documentary follows Iowa natives who fled state after LGBTQ+ legislation

New documentary tells the story of queer religious families in the Midwest

Couples from Hulu Documentary We Live Here: The Midwest Discuss Life After Filming

Hulu documentary to feature former Indianola residents

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