Love in the Face is an effort of love offered to the transgender community by wives Nia and Katie Chiaramonte. As a transgender woman, Nia offers a personal experience of discovery, coming out, and living proudly as a transgender individual. Katie, in turn, can provide insight and support for romantic partners and allies seeking to love and encourage transgender individuals. 

We believe that everyone deserves support. We provide mentoring support for transgender individuals, families, allies, and communities as they navigate the process of discovery, coming-out, and finding solid footing in their identities. We also provide consulting services for organizations seeking to provide a safe, inclusive, affirming environment for their members, staff or constituents. 

No-cost mentoring for Individuals and Allies

Consulting for Workplaces and Faith Communities

Empathetic Messages for All People

Customized Name Change, Coming-Out, Release, Marriage, and Altar-in-the-World Ceremonies.

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