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Ceremonies for Change

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Each moment in a person's journey is important. Celebration, commemoration and grief are all a part of life and worthy of our time and attention.

We value the need for people to honor their moments as they see fit. It is our joy to now offer support, guidance and space to usher out what no longer serves and welcome with open arms the life that is waiting for you.

We are happy to support you with Name Claiming, Coming-Out, Marriage, Release, or Altar in the World ceremonies.

Each ceremony offers a unique opportunity to mark the time, celebrate, or grieve and let go.

Having gone through our own journeys as well as being ordained, we can help to create a unique celebration that is special to you and your community that will honor the fullness of who you are. The different types of ceremonies are described in more detail below but are customized and created to support each individual. The are offered to the LGBTQIA community, as well as anyone else in need of support in this way.

Name Claiming

For many, transition includes moving from an old name to a new name. We would love to guide and support you as you live into the fullness of who you are and as you claim your identity through your name. We will work with you to craft a ceremony of commemoration and celebration for you and members of your community that reflects your values and desires. Our goal is to guide and support as you declare your name.

Coming-Out Celebration Coming-out is typically an ongoing event that looks different for all people. One thing we believe about every Coming-out is that it deserves to be celebrated! We will work with you to create a celebration that is special to you and your community and honors the journey you've been on.

Marriage Ceremony

Love is Love is Love and we are here for it! We would love to join you as you declare and celebrate your love for one another! We can provide ceremony planning and officiating for your wedding. 

Release Ceremony

Loss is a part of life. For some, losses can be a one-time event.  For others, grief can feel unending because of ambiguous endings and/or beginnings. Release ceremonies are designed to allow you to feel your emotions and severe the ties that bind you to them. This does not mean the emotion is no longer present, simply that it holds no power over you any longer. We will listen to you and help you navigate exactly what letting go will look like for you. Together we will support you as you declare your willingness to be free as you let go of what no longer serves you. 


Each of us travels a unique path with unique challenges that require a time of reflection and renewal. For those moments that have no category, yet need to be acknowledged, we provide a service called Altar-in-the-World. We will work with you to craft your own altar experience specific to your needs. 

Other Commemorations

If there is one thing we know, it's that there will always be an occasion that defies our categories. For those times, we are available to help you craft exactly what you need. 

We hope these offerings of our love will be a welcome addition to the services we are offering to the Transgender and LGBTQIA community. These services are not limited to the LGBTQIA community however, as we know all people are deserving of love and celebration. We can't wait to support you in this way! Contact us here!


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